The Plan – 702 P2P

The Planning: Step One

We meet and greet with some questions and answers about your business, hobby or purpose of website. Let get to know more about how we can help each other.

If we are talking Mobile Apps, we are NDA friendly and want to protect your ideas as well as our ideas.

Step Two

Let talk about the project specifically and get some questions answered.
○ Is there a website up and working or was there a website up and working?
○ Do you have a Domain Name and where is it registered?

I will help you setup your Domain Name Purchase Account, if you don’t have one.

Step Three

Word Press is the number one platform in the world for building websites and submitting them onto the internet. With over 2500 Free and Sample Themes we can start there, but be aware they hold back features like colors, design capabilities and Social Media Buttons.

Or… we can use WP Themes that the licensing rights are payed for. We have many paid for in our portfolio of themes to choose from. You can build multiple websites on the same theme and they won’t look the same. So we need to nail down a theme that has the look and feel architecture you envision.

Step Four

Let’s talk Logo’s and artwork. You website is only as good as the artwork and textual content you provide. If you need a logo, we can do that, if you need pictures we can take some or purchase them from companies and pay the license fees.

Step Five

Let’s talk special applications. You may have a special need on the site like selling a product and taking a payment, may need a reservation widget for your restaurant business etc. There are free and paid Plug-In software available to install on your website to accomplish special applications.

Note: We will connect your Social Media accounts to your website, but we don’t directly do Social Media Posting. We have professional relationships and can refer you to specialists.

Step Six

Let’s talk Hosting and Email Addresses. Hosting is available through our server company, which we prefer to use to provide better support, but you can purchase your own hosting account that we could help recommend the better companies to use.

Hosting is what stores your website build and allows it to show up on your computer or mobile device that has a web browser. Secondly it allows you to have email addresses with your domain name.

Example would be We would set those email addresses up and install them on your computer or mobile device for you. Makes you look professional with your business address for marketing and business cards.

The Final Step

Let’s talk costs. We will give you a verbal or written cost proposal for all the items mentioned in the prior 6 Steps. You may find along the way that you need other services and we can help you with those too.

Additional Steps

We try to cover everything and guide you through the maze of development. One thing we really don’t do is marketing for you. Again we can recommend specialists that we use on a regular basis, such as Social Media Experts, Google Professionals that can setup your Google Tools, Google Maps, Google Business Page, Google Analytics and YouTube Accounts. What we can do is write Blog Articles on a regimented basis that are Google Friendly that could help get you ranked organically by Google. We can also help with Google Maps as well.